Oculus quest refresh rate increase

The Oculus Quest has been sold out over the past few weeks and also heavily backordered.

oculus quest refresh rate increase

However, both the 64GB and the GB editions of the standalone virtual reality headset were sold out in most retail outlets across the globe for the past few weeks. Facebook had cited the effect of coronavirus on the production schedule as the contributing factor to the shortage of the headsets.

The restocking of the GB edition is a good sign. It good be an indication that Oculus is also planning to restock the popular 64GB edition soon.

The Oculus Quest VR headset is a great entry-level virtual reality headset.

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Its standalone functionality is its key winning feature. It is a more beefed up version Oculus Go with superb specifications that deliver a superior VR experience. The headset has dual displays that have a combined x resolution, a refresh rate of 72Hz, six-degrees-of-freedom 6DoF tracking that gives users better positional tracking. It also features dual hand controls. Ever since it was released in Maythe headset has gotten some crucial upgrades.

These include hand tracking feature and the Oculus Link connection that now allows users to plug the standalone Quest headset to a VR-ready PC to access the vast Rift library. The main limitation with the 64GB version has been the size of the storage. The 64GB seemed sufficient at launch but there are now massive VR apps such as Vader Immortal that take up a lot of space. With so much content being launched on Quest, the GB Quest headset might just be the ideal device for avid VR users.

The Oculus Quest headset does not have external storage solutions so if you will be recording many of your gameplay videos, then you are better off with the GB Quest edition that will give you plenty of storage. Demand for Oculus Quest headsets increased drastically with the announcement of the Oculus Link Beta connection in November last year.

oculus quest refresh rate increase

Oculus also unveiled an experimental hand tracking mode for Oculus Quest in December This will make it possible to play games on Quest without having to rely controllers. There are no major games that support the hand tracking mode at the moment but that is going to change in the future.

Refresh Rate

Facebook was supposed to make some major announcements in the recently cancelled Game Developers Conference which was shoved aside due to COVID coronavirus concerns.

The tech giant is now expected to make some key announcements next week following the GDC cancellation. Let us know in the comments section. We will update you as the availability situation of the headset changes in the coming months.So you're here for the best and cheapest Oculus Rift prices, but did you know there's a new Oculus in town in the form of the portable and almost-equally as powerful Oculus Quest?

oculus quest refresh rate increase

The device has solved the problem facing many VR hopefuls since Rift's release in ; the expense of a gaming PC rig to support it. While the Oculus Rift is still the most highly powered device on the market, you can get a portable, wireless model for the same price in the form of the Quest.

It's backed by world-class technology, has a growing library of games and apps, and now you can get it at its cheapest price ever. That's because the Oculus Rift price was permanently reduced a while back making it much more affordable. You're saving a few hundred notes now, which we always love. If you're looking for an even cheaper solution, the Oculus Go offers some of the best prices on a VR headset around. While you won't have access to the more flagship gaming titles, and the specs on offer here are far more modest than those of the beefier machines, the Go is perfect if you want to dip your toe in virtual waters for a low price.

When searching for an Oculus Rift sale price, you should always make sure that you're looking at the latest Rift S version. The new Oculus Rift S was released in March and replaces the original Rift on store shelves. It offers a lighter, more comfortable overall experience with better audio solutions and an improved display to reduce screen-door effect.

oculus quest refresh rate increase

Make sure you're purchasing the latest model by looking out for that S at the end of the name, you may even see a price increase when trying to buy the original Rift device, though few still remain out in the wild. It remains a wired device, which may impede your free movement if it weren't for the extra cable length offered straight out the box.

With improved tracking courtesy of new external cameras on the headset itself, you won't find yourself stumbling over the lamp of stubbing your toe as much either.

The Rift S is now easy to set up and use, with the removal of tricky tracking procedures and finnicky sensor positioning entirely. Plus, with a whole roster of flagship VR titles available through the Oculus Store you'll never run out of virtual worlds to explore. To run the Oculus Rift S on full spec you might need a dedicated gaming PC, so make sure yours matches up by checking out the minimum and required specs as suggested by Oculus.

Looking to upgrade your PC gaming setup further? Or, if you're looking to switch to a flashier CPU, be sure to keep an eye on the best processor sales we've come across this month. The Oculus Quest price often matches that of the Rift S and yet the latest Oculus headset offers an almost parallel experience to the flagship device with added portability and boundary tracking features.

If you want a high-quality VR experience without spending big on a PC to support it, the Quest is for you. There's a lot of back and forth surrounding which headset comes across better on paper. While the Quest's x resolution outperforms that of the Rift S, its lower refresh rate may let more attentive eyes down.

The Rift may well outshine the Quest if it's hooked up to a top of the range gaming PC, but if you don't have one of those at your disposal Oculus Quest does a pretty good job of making you think you do. Oculus Quest opens up a world of virtual reality wherever you find yourself. The all-in-one unit takes the portability benefits of the Go and the game library and tracking capabilities of the Rift S and serves it up in one OLED display and Snapdragon processor.

Make sure you bring a charger with you, however - the two-hour battery life of the Quest reflects the power it's capable of during play sessions. If you're looking to use your Oculus Quest with SteamVR compatible games, there are streaming workarounds but they aren't officially supported.

If the Oculus Quest looks a little pricey and you're not ready to invest in an upgraded rig for the Rift, there is a cheaper way to enjoy Oculus VR and that's by taking a look at our Oculus Go sale prices. The Oculus Go is a standalone VR experience that does not require any extra equipment like a powerful PC, gaming laptop or modern smartphone.

It has everything it needs built into the headset. You also get a hand-controller which makes interacting with menus and playing games much easier than trying to select things with your face. The visual quality isn't quite up there with the full-sized versions and you can't lean in to make things appear closer, but the other degrees of head movement are covered in a huge range of apps and games available from the Oculus store.It's an official alternative to using the Quest's built-in hardware, which revolves around a Snapdragon system-on-chip SoC like the ones used in the Google Pixel 2 smartphone.

Since Quest already has an array of inside-out tracking cameras, this PC use case won't require additional cameras or sensors. You should expect to plug a Quest into a compatible PC, run a room-calibration test, and be on your way—just like with certain Windows Mixed Reality headsets and this year's Oculus Rift S.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the Oculus Connect stage to confirm that the update will work with most any USB Type-C cable, though Oculus itself will release a longer cord suitable for the full-room movement you might expect from Quest's wireless default use case. To be clear, the Quest still defaults as a wireless, all-in-one VR option; despite its smartphone-caliber hardware, it handles fully 3D worlds and high-speed action quite well, and this PC bonus is in no way required.

But while major Oculus VR games have made their way to Quest's limited marketplace, some of those Quest ports are a bit rough the otherwise stupendous Moss comes to mind ; other impressive games, particularly Brass Tacticsmay never appear as native Quest apps.

Thus, today's news means you can conceivably dive into the entire Oculus marketplace of games and apps with one headset, as opposed to needing to own a Quest and a Rift.

Today's news may very well mean that Quest owners just got a path to playing Valve's upcoming "" VR game. Shortly after unveiling this November Quest update, Zuckerberg announced a new feature coming to Oculus Quest in "early ": hand tracking. A brief demo video showed both skeletal analysis as seen through Quest's array of cameras and in-game hand and finger tracking.

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Zuckerberg told Oculus Connect attendees that they can expect to test this feature on the show floor later today, and we'll report back with exactly how this built-in hand tracking system works in its preview state. We'll use our demo time later today to find out whether we should expect the feature in any other Oculus products.

You must login or create an account to comment. Zuckerberg announces the first official hand-tracking product from Oculus, coming to Quest in "early A brief demo video includes footage of how hand tracking may look in an Oculus Quest game.

Another peek at how Oculus Quest's camera array translates hand and finger data.

The cheapest Oculus Rift prices and Oculus Quest sales in February 2020

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Learn More. Pick-up-and-play convenience coupled with the affordability of an all-in-one system make the Oculus Quest the very best virtual reality headset you can buy.

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Trusted Reviews Live Prices. Of course, Oculus has had to make sacrifices to create this independent VR headset. Related: Oculus Rift Review.

The Oculus Quest is a straightforward, standalone VR headset — there are no dangling cables or external headphones weighing this device down.

The Quest looks almost identical to the first-generation Oculus Rift. One difference you will find with the Quest opposed to other Oculus headsets are the four cameras nestled in the corners. The cameras also let you look around the room while the headset is hugging your face — no more blindly grabbing for the controllers. Put the headset on, and your face is greeted by the soft embrace of the foam that runs around the edges of the goggles. The headset also comes with a Glasses Spacer, which allows for extra room for your specs.

A few buttons can be found on the Quest headset, including volume controls and a slider to adjust the spacing of the lens. My own tests complied with these figures: it lasted two and a half hours playing various different games.

Even if you do, you can keep on playing with the charger plugged in thanks to the long length of the charging cable. The tracking is superb, registering my swipes and slashes instantly. You get a large selection of buttons within easy reach for each hand, too, including a trigger, a grip button, two menu buttons and an Oculus button for jumping back to the homescreen. The grip and trigger are smartly positioned, enabling you to interact with objects naturally.

I reckon these Touch Controllers are easily the best virtual reality controllers currently on offer. They also offer a huge jump up on the controller for the Oculus Gowhich feels more like a presentation clicker than a proper gaming controller.

Monitor Refresh Rates

There is one downside with the Quest Touch Controllers, though: they require batteries. I accidentally nudged them out of placed repeatedly during an intense game of Beat Saber. The Oculus Quest is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon That said, the latter definitely offers a superior visual performance when hooked up to an ultra-powerful gaming PC.

Thumper, in particular, looks pixelated using the Quest; it looks smooth and jaw-dropping when using the Vive Pro with high-end hardware. Absolutely not. The Oculus Quest also has a 72Hz refresh rate that enables smooth visuals between frames, which is incredibly important for preventing motion sickness.New to the forums?

Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. February edited February in General. Just a quick question. When the Oculus is running you get the display monitor "What the oculus can see panel" will this be able to display regardless of monitor refresh rate or does this need to match the 90 MHZ of the CV1 or 75 of the DK2 I know currently some games Elite Dangerous prefer if the settings are the same Regards Steve.

February I was wondering that last night. My monitor is only capable of 60Hz, though I've been thinking of replacing it with something larger and more modern. Slight smaller resolution and screen size, but I'm only upgrading center monitor. Both U side monitors will stay the same. Not sure if your monitor hz affects Rifts display at all. I guessing it will not, either way I should be good ThreeDeeVision Posts: 2, There are a few instances where your monitor refresh limits your Rift refresh and this of course causes massive judder.

Elite Dangerous suffers from this exact issue. Hopefully developers will figure out ways around this so people can continue to use their 60 Hz monitors why upgrade the monitor when you will most likely be playing your games in VR? The higher refresh monitors get around this issue nicely though.

My Hz monitor never caused judder issues due to the fact it never limited the DK2 refresh. Switch to windows 10 build. The always vsync garbage in window mode that start with windows 8 has been fixed Problem solved, Present 0,0 your monitor window display and you are all good. So which monitor would be the best to get to go with the cv1? I want to display what is in the headset while I am playing to be able to show others or watch their experiences.

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I want it to still be great for other games and Web surfing. What would you guys suggest? CV1 pre-ordered July.Perhaps that's why Facebook developed Oculus Linka new feature that'll let its standalone VR headset connect to gaming PCs for more complex games and experiences.

On paper, Oculus Link seems like a killer feature, one that practically makes the Rift S irrelevant. And now that I've had some time with a Link-equipped Quest, I'm even more convinced that's true. Part of the beauty of using the Quest as a PC headset is its sheer simplicity. That's all. There's no need to worry about pairing the controllers with your PC, since that connection is carried over from the Quest itself.

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On my demo unit, the USB-C cable connected at a right-angle -- likely to place less pressure on the port itself -- and the cable wrapped through a loop on the strap. Oculus said it'll be offering its own Link cables, but there's a good chance third-party USB-C to USB-C cables will work as well just make sure you're not stressing the port too much. Instead of essentially being another monitor on your PC, the Quest is actually receiving a low-latency video of VR experiences being rendered by your computer.

Think of it like a localized version of game streaming services like Google's Stadia. That functionality made me worried at first, since any additional latency can instantly kill the effectiveness of VR.

Oculus Quest Setup, Unboxing & Tips

During the opening minutes of StormlandI kept an eye out for any sort of video artifacting and frame rate slowdowns. But all I saw was a gorgeously constructed virtual jungle and the arms of my injured robot. Walking around the environment and moving my virtual arms felt responsive, with no discernible lag. It wasn no different from my last demo of Stormland on a Rift S. Oculus reps admitted that the refresh rate would be limited to the Quest's maximum of 72Hz, but otherwise, they said the Quest experience should look and feel similar to the Rift S on PCs.

Moving over to Asgard ' s WrathI wandered around a medieval bar, talked to patrons, and drank lots of virtual beer.

I paid close attention to detailed scene elements, like a crackling fire, but I didn't notice any video compressions issues there either. I'll admit, neither of my demo experiences were particularly fast-paced games, so there's a chance Oculus Link on the Quest could falter there.

And while I wasn't bothered by having a cable tethering me to a PC once again, I'm more used to it than most consumers. Quest owners used to the freedom of the headset's VR capabilities might be more bothered. While I definitely need more time with Oculus Link to truly stress its capabilities, at this point, it seems to deliver on everything Oculus is promising. It turns the Quest into a Rift, erasing the standalone headset's only major flaw, and making it the most compelling VR option available today.Submit a concept document for review as early in your Quest application development cycle as possible.

All mobile devices must deal with heat and battery issues. Mobile chipsets are very efficient, but they still generate a significant amount of heat and draw a lot of battery power during computationally intense tasks. On a phone or tablet, it is normal for an overtaxed mobile CPU to simply slow down in order to avoid overheating.

Oculus Quest Review: VR Just Ditched the PC

On a VR device, that approach generally leads to a loss of application frame rate, which reduces the quality of the experience and can immediately make users uncomfortable. One solution is to dynamically downgrade the display frequency from 72 Hz to 60 Hz during heavy rendering. This Blueprint retrieves an array of floats that represent the available display frequencies.

This Blueprint retrieves a float that represents the current display frequency. This Blueprint Accepts a float and sets the current display frequency to that value. That float value must equal a valid display frequency for the headset. Best Practice for Setting Display Frequency.

It is generally a good practice to set the display frequency based on what Get Available Display Frequencies returns. The following Blueprints sample sets the frame rate to 72 Hz for the Oculus Go:.

Here is another sample, where the frame rate is set to 72 Hz while the controller button is pushed down, and 60 Hz otherwise. In a production application, the array length should be checked before accessing element 1 in the array.

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